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AllSported is the expert trading solution that gives you made-to-measure racing odds delivered with streamlined integration to build better books and to maximise your profit.

Racing Post’s unique partnership with market leaders TXOdds and Banach Technologies has developed a truly unique and game-changing trading solution.

Through the very latest technology and smartest algorithms supported by Racing Post - the authority on racing’s content - AllSported will help you tap into the multi billion horseracing market and secure a valuable share of the millions of regular international racing bettors.

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AllSported isn’t actually a one ready-made solution.

At its heart is the same common mission; to provide an expert trading solution that offers made-to-measure odds and streamlined integration leading to better margins and bigger profits.

But that’s just the start.

We will tailor the offering exactly to individual operator’s needs.

In short, you tell us what you want and we’ll deliver it.

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Racing post

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RACING POST: The ‘bible’ of horseracing. And the leading data and content provider to the industry. Racing Post enjoys unrivalled recognition in the whole racing community, from professionals to enthusiasts and everyday punters, all hungry for authoritative data and content.


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TXODDS: Market leaders at collecting, processing, shipping and storing data Sub second latency powered by leading edge push tech Offering unrivalled industry up-time and stability – a true market leader.


All the latest odds

BANACH TECHNOLOGY: Input of the latest proprietary trading algorithms and analytics from a heavyweight, entrepreneurial, highly skilled and experienced team with a fantastic reputation as industry leaders when it comes to trading.

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Many operators have been historically disadvantaged because potential clients betting in small amounts has prevented them from becoming customers.

AllSported understands this. In fact we’re specialists in this area.

We’ve actually created a world-leading made-to-measure trading model.

This means you can decide what margins you want and how much risk you’re willing to expose yourself to.

Which, in turn, leads to increased turnover and ultimately more profit.

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We know you need to stand out and be different when the same odds are offered by multiple other bookmakers.

By independently pricing and not replicating other bookmakers we can provide you with a unique made-to-measure offering for your customers.

And the betting itself can all happen quickly. UK and Ireland racing alone offers over 13,000 high-margin betting opportunities for customers over a year.

That means consistent betting opportunities are available for 12 hours a day.

Add in international racing and the choice and opportunities are even wider.

Whether it’s UK and Ireland or international racing, with AllSported, it can take under a single minute to place the bet, watch the race and settle the bet.

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All over the world

AllSported understands there’s a desire to be able to offer customers horseracing from outside the UK and Ireland.

We can provide the opportunity to add international horseracing for 24/7 non-stop betting opportunities alongside our enriched high-quality content.

We also understand there’s a real need to offer something a bit more substantial than just ‘the win’. So we offer price feeds for all the major derivative markets including place and each way and, going forward, will be able to offer the options of tissue pricing and even a fully risk managed trading solution with liability.

So you can offer more choice to your customers and increase their engagement.

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AllSported uses a combination of historical data (from Racing Post's vast knowledge bank), market data from TxOdds and Banach’s optimised weightings to devise an accurate meeting line. And going forward, the ability to add your bet data will add yet another layer.

We use two models to provide main prices: An information aggregation model. And a reiterative modelbased on a set of random values (if you’re into your stats jargon, it uses stochastic or random place modelling running Monte Carlo simulations to understand the impact of risk and uncertainty).

Ultimately, we produce one price to reflect the selection's 100% line within that market. You can then add your own preferred margin giving you total control of your own overround and liabilities – as well as being able to apply any pricing strategies.

As markets are constantly evolving, we are continually re-optimising to maintain accuracy. On top of that, results and stats will continually feed into a horse's history and update their future compiled price.

All delivered on a low-latency global platform with multiple redundancies. And all supported with 24/7 customer service.

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Racing Post has the reputation as the leading racing media source in the industry.

Producing compelling and accessible racing coverage and providing expert content that attracts, engages and retains customers.

Also, supplying engaging data that stimulates betting activity and keeps users coming back.

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We work on a bespoke pricing model dependent on your size and requirements.

When you take the full solution, we will partner on a revenue-sharing agreement (with a minimum share clause).

However we are totally flexible and can discuss fixed fee models.

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